Let's defund Factory Farming

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Let's defund factory farming together.


If you have any experience in the world of finance, economics, media relations, or campaigning we would love to pick your brain. The insight we gain from professionals in these fields is invaluable and will help make sure this work is effective. If you are open to providing us a brief opportunity to ask you some questions via a call, in person, or over email, please reach out to us at Help@DefundFactoryFarming.com.

Public Statements

We are looking for people to make public statements related to divesting from factory farming. These statements will be used in promotional materials and media releases. If you are interested in making a statement, send us an email at Public@DefundFactoryFarming.com.

Research and Sources

Send any relevant research/sources that you think might be helpful to divestment work to Research@DefundFactoryFarming.com.

SkillEd Help

Are you a writer, editor, graphic designer, researcher, fundraiser, or web developer and want to help? Reach out to us at Help@DefundFactoryFarming.com and we'll set up a call to talk about how you might be able to contribute.

Coalition Partners

Does working to defund factory farming fit with your organization's mission? Want to collaborate? Reach out to Coalition@DefundFactoryFarming.com.